Bitcoin: Risk-On or Risk-Off?

Bitcoin has several proponents sitting in both camps that suggest it is an entirely risk-on asset or a risk-off asset. Comparing Bitcoin’s price trends to traditional risk-on and risk-off assets can help determine if there is any difference.

Bitcoin: Pure speculation or future-proofing financial security?

Like many financial instruments, it is almost impossible to separate political and ideological views from their price moves. But Bitcoin is an entirely different instrument. As an asset (and it is a bonafide asset now), it is almost singular in the reasons for its existence. Bitcoin came in response to the Great Recession — an answer to the ability of centralized powers having power and influence over money. Bitcoin is attached to ideology due to its origins. Bitcoin’s inception formed a decentralized form of value that is separate from, and free from, a centralized authority. But anything that becomes anything of value will draw in those who want to capitalize on that thing of value because they believe it will rise in value: investors and speculators.

Risk-on, Risk-off

Quick rundown here:

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