Cosmos (ATOM) Cryptocurrency Price Prediction, Forecast, and Technical Analysis — Oct 25th, 2021
Monthly 1 oz. Silver giveaway for every 20 Patreon contributors!
No new ideas, all trades still pending and open awaiting to be triggered.
($0.50/3-box P&F Chart) — Oct 22nd
Buy Stop @ $37.50
Stop Loss @ $35.50
Profit Target @ $40.00

(Weekly Ichimoku Chart) — Oct 12th
Buy Limit @ $27.00
Stop Loss @ $23.00
Profit Target @ $45.50
Dollar-Cost Average — Updated Oct 12th, 2021
Buy Limit @ $26.82
Buy Limit @ $17.75
#Cosmos #ATOM #Crypto #ATOMUSD #ATOMUSDT $ATOM $COSMOS #cryptocurrencies #Crypto #blockchain #DeFi #Crypto #CryptoNews #cryptotrading



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Jonathan Morgan

Technical analyst, investor, trader, social distancing since before it was cool